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Gutter Cleaning Oxford

Independently Owned by Robert Howkins

Gutter Cleaning Oxford

Our Unique Guttering Service

Gutter Cleaning Oxford provides the whole of Oxfordshire with gutter cleaning and gutter repair services.  We are a local company, based in Headington, Oxford.  Oxford Gutter Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company using the most effective and safest machines currently on the market.  Our hugely powerful gutter vacuum will suck up all the debris while we navigate the pole system from the ground.  This new method of cleaning has huge benefits:

  • Effectiveness  The system we use to clean your gutters is truly a game changer in the cleaning industry.  The vacuums motors are a huge 4,200 watt, this creates a massive suction that will suck up any debris in your gutters.

  • Safety The gutter vacuum is safe for customer and operator.  With the absence of ladders your gutters will be free from damage caused by them leaning on gutters causing a potential problem.   

We believe our company is truly unique.  We have a passion for what we do and our customers satisfaction is our priority.  Gutter Cleaning Oxford is a family ran business based in Headington Oxford.  


Independently Owned

Fully Insured

12 month Guarantee

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